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10 “instagrammable” retail design projects

10 “instagrammable” retail design projects

The (almost) unstoppable rise of Instagram has also reached retail. As the consumers around the world plan, organize and seek shopping experiences related to Instagram, having a “fashionable” or Instagrammable store has become a winning bet.



Millions of people choose a store, hotel or restaurant thinking on the likes that a photograph or story could generate there. And this is something to take into account due to the very nature of the social network, which makes the visual its differential advantage, and because of its global reach, since Instagram has more than 700 million monthly users.

In short, design as a priority. Therefore, for a commercial space, a good part of its current success may lie in how instagrammable its appearance, its interior, is.





How to achieve instagrammable spaces?

Some of the principles and / or tips that can be followed to achieve instagrammable spaces are:

• Present the products with the world of Instagram in mind.
• Give supreme importance to light and color.
• Work on branding.
• Look for representativeness.
• Encourage sharing of content.


And since it is better to see it with practical examples than to get an idea from theory, at Caad we have selected 10 instagrammable retail design projects spread all over the planet earth.



Harry Potter’s flagship store (New York, EE.UU)

One of the best options that the industry has, related to instagrammable stores, is the opening of flagship stores. Due to their casuistry, they are a great attraction for all types of consumers. And the most important magical saga in history was not going to be less.

Since the beginning of June, New York has been home to the largest Harry Potter store in the world. 1,800 square meters of space in Manhattan where merchandising items and experiences related to the character created by J. K. Rowling are not lacking. The photo options, for selfies and for Instagram, are more endless than Dumbledore’s beard.



© Copyright. Warner Bros



Zhongshuge (Chengdu, China)

Are Chinese bookstores great unknown worldwide?

The land of the dragon is home to some of the best and most striking bookstores in the world in its ancient and overwhelming cities. Among them, the store that the ‘Zhongshuge’ chain has in Chengdu stands out. Its terraced and mirrored tiered conference room, the fantastic similarities to the world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or the concave floor-to-ceiling bamboo tree shelves are simply stunning.


© Copyright. X-Living



Qasr Al Sarab Desert by Anantara (Abu Dhabi)

The “official” title of the most ‘instagrammable’ hotel in the world exists. It is provided by the Luxury Travel Advisor website. And two years ago, this ‘neophyte’ award went to the Qasr Al Sarab Desert resort in Anantara, in Abu Dhabi.

The reason? Surrounded by the sand of the desert, this enclave engages from minute 1. Not surprisingly, to access it you have to cross a bridge typical of a castle. The huge crystal chandelier in the reception, its views of the desert and a decoration worthy of the court of a Maharajah will not leave anyone indifferent.


© Copyright. Anantara



Peels Records (Bandung, Indonesia)

Indonesia is one of those Asian countries that is experiencing a flourishing underground culture. Especially when it comes to music. And this is where the perfect store for vintage music lovers comes into play: Peels Records.

Located in Bandung, this space is not only a well-stocked record store, but also a sound room with a cocktail bar. In its two areas, an immersive experience takes place in symbiosis taking us back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. for its multi-genre vinyl section and the successful atmosphere that is breathed there.


© Copyright. Peels Records



Maria Nila (Stockholm, Sweden)

It is a fact. We love the organic shapes of the interior design of the headquarters and salon of the vegan hair care brand Maria Nila, in Stockholm. And it is that the Swedish architecture studio ASKA has renovated an installation whose corrugated ceiling in Plexiglas seems to be dripping shampoo.

ASKA applied a soft pink, peach and turquoise color palette with display solutions of wavy ‘marine’ shapes that also carry over to furniture. In addition, in the best of retail design practices, much of the furniture was specially designed for the project.


© Copyright. Maria Nila



Cloud & Co (Doha, Qatar)

In a city surrounded by pure desert, where the hours of sun and heat are endless… can there be something better than an ice cream parlor? Probably not. And if it is also a place where fantasy, contrasts, light and an impressive color palette intermingle wonderfully, you have hit on the key.

The ‘Cloud & Co’ ice cream parlor in Doha (Qatar) is a dream come true for lovers of good ice cream, sweets and places where not giving fire to Instagram is nothing short of a sin.



© Copyright. Studio futura



One2one (Porto, Portugal)

Pop and instagram culture in a gym? Yes, it exists and you will find it in the fantastic design that ESQVTA made for the One2one gym in beautiful Porto. In the Portuguese city, this 100% ‘instagrammable’ project was designed so that visitors could publish their IG Stories from every corner.

A very different approach to the standard of fitness sites, betting on bringing pop culture to a gym, where there is no shortage of neon, almost simulated and labyrinthine realities due to their shapes and walls … The message at the exit, ‘Do it for your selfie ‘is the best possible statement of intent.


© Copyright. Ricardo Oliveira Alves




Little Nap (Tokyo, Japan)

The total mix of concepts in Little Nap is a reality more than palpable in its first decade of life.

The mixture of minimalism, unpretentiousness and space reduced to the maximum, but where comfort is the law, are the daily bread of this cafeteria. This space, installed on the edge of Yoyogi Park, one of the best parks in Japan and the Japanese capital, is in its own right a highly instagrammable space.

Daisuke Hamada’s project, an expert in the world of coffee and a lover of good music, guarantees a relaxed atmosphere and a coffee that is simply very good. Thus, Little Nap has become a benchmark for the new small coffee shops that are sprouting up in Japan, the result of high rents, being in turn a magnificent example of the importance of the retail concept.



© Copyright. Little Nap coffee stand



Pink Beach (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

One of the most colorful, ornate and certainly transgressive projects of recent times is in the capital of the Netherlands.

Pink Beach” is the perfect excuse to travel to Amsterdam. It is a bar / restaurant that will delight iggers, millennials and fans of pink Barbie. A true tropical oasis that will be a trend on Instagram.

In this space, the decoration is completely flooded by bubblegum pink and white, accompanied by neon Mondays, a ball pit and that vintage air of the American restaurants of the 50s / 60s. And its location is even better: just one metro stop from Amsterdam Central Station.


© Copyright. Wondr


Gucci Gaok Flagship Store (Seúl, Corea)

The commitment to greater diversity and inclusion within the brand is the main hallmark of the new Gucci flagship. The so-called Gucci Gaok, located in Seoul, is one more remarkable example of the amazing world of fashion in the Korean capital, one of the most advanced places in the Far East without a doubt. Four floors that share facilities with the new Foundry contemporary art gallery, with a glass façade that attracts attention, and with a design that represents an imaginary forest.



© Copyright. Gucci




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