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RETAIL DESIGN & Visual merchandising

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En CAAD Retail Design plasmamos Creating illusions
for 45 years
Each idea is a special challenge for our specialists
in retail design and decoration of commercial spaces
We bring
your ideas to life
We provide consultancy from beginning to end in the creation of
the ideal space according to your needs and trends in retail design

Retail Design from Barcelona #loveisinretail❤️

We are a Commercial Interior Design Studio formed by expert consultants in the design of suitable commercial spaces in order to fulfill our client’s requirements. We are a multidisciplinary team backed by 45 years offering a comprehensive service in retail design. We are there every step of the manufacturing cycle, from raw materials to the installation of structures and display stands.

At CAAD Retail Design we design and carry out the design of commercial spaces, from retail to the franchise store. In this way, we create the most innovative expressions of visual merchandising, with special emphasis on the personality of the company and the optimization of its sales activity.

La Balear | CAAD Retail Design Barcelona

La Balear

CAAD has developed various construction resources in collaboration with the interior designer David Pablo www.davidpablogarcia.com. Pablo has conceptualized and directed the first reform of a point of sale of the perfumery chain, La Balear.


The main material used in the outlet is a deployé mesh.

Titan Pro | CAAD Retail Design Barcelona

Titan PRO

Titan PRO is a project of Titan SAU industries in which CAAD Retail Design has collaborated by providing furniture and accessories, both for stores and corners.

The medium load-bearing shelves create a bold and eye catching look for customers and guests who visit this retail space. The use of upper and lower lighting installations draw the customer in and create a unique visual for the mobile communication elements and aesthetic of the store. 

Farmanatural | CAAD Retail Design Barcelona


This parapharmacy located in the center of Sitges was designed with the pre-existing structural elements in mind.

The storefronts focal attributes include the LED interior lit counters, carefully selected accessories and complements intended to give a feeling of spaciousness through the exhibition features.

PLATA Service | CAAD Retail Design Barcelona

PLATA Service

The new PLATA SERVICE storefront was designed and installed using metal shelving with elliptical perforation. In silver gray color and with wide transit areas, the outlet provokes a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

A custom counter on stainless steel and an integrated display cabinet in modular shelving and picking shelving.

Items d'Ho | CAAD Retail Design Barcelona

Items D’Ho

Everything a daring traveler needs and looks for on their business day can be found at Items d’Ho Barcelona El Prat Airport.

We designed a different way of highlighting the product by combining light with color. Each piece of furniture was illuminated individually to emphasize  its content in black and salmon colours.

We have the ideas you need for the success of your retail project

Lights, views, textures, reflections and flashes. Thanks to our expert team in retail design, you can see in detail the 3D project with high quality renders. Moreover, we design the different atmospheres of the point of sale with a realistic aspect. As a result, the initial idea of your point of sale will be reflected in images with absolute fidelity before the setting-up.
  • However, physical spaces have to do much more, especially in the post-coronavirus era, if they do not want to be swallowed up by the ecommerce world.

    In this context, there are those who seek to create a unique shopping experience with options such as, for example, smart fitting rooms. From CAAD we want to talk to you today about this innovative way to attract customers to physical establishments and boost sales and interaction with the consumer.The digital transformation of a company has become a constant and long-term process. As new technologies change and appear, there are always developments that help the retail sector to continue evolving and adapting to today's society and to the needs and demands of the consumer. We have seen it in recent months with the coronavirus, which is driving omnichannel strategies and new trends in window dressing and visual merchandising.
  • Now more than ever window dressing acquires a much greater relevance to attract the attention of a consumer who is adapting to a new way of shopping and who values ​​safety, social distance and cleanliness much more than before.

    We recently spoke on the blog about how the coronavirus has changed the way consumers shop and, in retail, we are approaching an omnichannel future. With the great changes that we are experiencing, there is something that cannot be overlooked in the new sales spaces: the window displays.The new normal implies a new way of selling, with new trends in visual merchandising that will have to be more innovative than ever to attract a consumer who is more inclined to buy online and more concerned about the place of purchase than the product itself.
  • Much more demanding, purchasing decisions, especially between millennials and Generation Z, no longer only depend on the amount and quality of the product or service, aspects related to sustainability and ethics are also valued.

     To continue fulfilling consumer demands, all companies in the retail sector and the business world in general, are changing their philosophy and way of doing business to be more sustainable. Because for consumers it not only matters that brands do well, they want them to give the best of themselves and not only worry about economic aspects, but also monitor their social and environmental impact.To sum up, consumers want companies to be sustainable. In this article we want to reflect on the state of sustainability in the retail sector and whether it is a trend or a reality that is causing the sector to change in favor of responsible and sustainable consumption and to meet the demands of the youngest and most demanding public: Millennials and Gen Z